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Top 4 Cyclist Images You Don’t Know

We have reached from three-wheelers to two-wheelers making us a pro while cycling. Cycling is more than a sport. It is an activity that aids in enhancing the functionality of heart, lungs, and lastly increasing blood circulations. Doing such a great activity makes you fit and remain healthy. It also helps us o stay away from many diseases, especially dealing with cardiovascular diseases. It is known as an activity, which transformed into one of the top sports embraced by the people of all age alike. In the following post, we will see some of the legends in cycle racing competitions the world has ever seen. Without much further ado, let us hit the article, shall we?


The first and the foremost one hold a special place in the history of cycling dating back to 1938-1960. FAUSTO COPPI is known as the greatest icon of cycling, which has a second position in world champion, and five-time Giro d’Italia winner. He is otherwise known as “Campionissimo,” meaning champions of champions. Apart from holding the awards mentioned above, his cupboard is also filled with two-time Tour de France awards.



What do we call two tough competitors? GINO BARTALI and FAUSTO COPPI were two of the rivalry people of that age. GINO BARTALI is a cyclist who has won many awards and titles in the same category as personality above.  He has also won our de France twice, in 1938 and 1948 and Giro three times. Apart from these winnings, off the bike is the category he was famous. This only emerged in the year 2010.


The third one is none other than the legend who is otherwise known as “Monsieur Chrono”. He holds a special place in the history of Tour de France as he was the first one to win at the competition. He also has four consecutive wins from 1961-1964 in the same category. ANQUETIL is the one f the leading six riders who hold a win at three Grand Tours.


The fourth one on the list is a proud woman who dominated the cycling sport for many years. She has won many championships and 96 British national titles. She also has a history of refusing the offer to cycle in 1960. She is a known personality both on-road and off track.


Like mentioned before, cycling is known to cure many diseases, especially related to the heart. If you are a cyclist who happens to read the post to know more about the legends in the cycling space, you are welcome. If you are a beginner, may this be the starting point of every good thing to come in your cyclist life.