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4 Best Women Cyclist to Consider in 2021-22 Races

Tour de France is the world-famous cycle racing specially and strictly dedicated to men. Cycling is also a sport that has given birth to some of the best women cyclists in history. Even though the race is quite slimmer and feasible that compared to men, the racing platform on and off-track is tough to achieve. 2020 have seen some significant changes in many fields and is no different in cycling history. In the following post, we will spotlight a few of the many female roles that are sure to blow your mind off with cycling races and winnings. With this in mind, let us see who are these famous personalities, shall we?

1. Annemiek van Vleuten

The first woman image is none other than Annemiek van Vleuten. She is a widely popular icon to hold the 2019 world champion for women. Her history consists of winning in various events like Strade Bianchi, Clasica Femenina Navarra, and Durango-Durango Emakumeen Saria. There have been rumours and news releases by Dutch news mentioning her joining a different team for 2021-2022. People believe it is for the Moviestar.

Annemiek van Vleuten

2. Anna Van der Breggen

The second one to top the list is the icon that is presently holding the third position in the UCI women’s ranking. In the year 2019, Van der Breggen holds a record in finishing the World Championships reaching the second position with a fabulous win. Also, she has a world record in becoming the second in 2019 Giro Rosa. Apart from all these, her history also shows us that she has achieved a great win at the various events like Tour of California and sitting in the fifth position at La Flèche Wallonne Féminine. Recently various news reports mentioned the retirement of Van der Breggen after 2021 Olympics.

3. Mavi Garcia

The third notable personality is none other than the popular Mavi Garcia. She is a 36-year-old racer who managed to finish the race competition with van Vlueten and acquired the second position in the race conducted at Strade Bianche. She is a notable racer while comparing with the other two racers mentioned above. Mavi Garcia is a noteworthy personality in the cycling platform and holds a special place in the history of Tour de Yorkshire stage race acquiring the second position.

Mavi Garcia

4. Marianne Vos

Notable for her presence felt and acquiring the World Champion and Olympic gold, the cyclist is one of the noteworthy personalities in the history of cycling. She is known to compete and win at the Giro Rosa as well as becoming the winner at the 2019 edition of La Course. Apart from all these winning and rewards, she is also known for finishing the Strade Bianchi.


Over the years, women and their cycling craze were not encouraged properly making the heat burn up. When the society and the championship event came to consider how women can run the cycling event, they started including women in sports. We can be pretty sure that the upcoming events in cycling will be a revolution marking these women giving their best.


Top 4 Cycling Racing Events One Must Know

From the time wheels were invented, ever since then humans got too creative and ended up having championship based on wheels. From two-wheelers racing to four-wheelers race, the world has embraced any form of racing. This post spotlights top cycling events in the world. French engineer Pierre Michaux made the first cycle. Before we head to the post, you must know that more than a sport or a race, cycling is a great way to remain fit and healthy. It is both exercise and activity. Let us head to the post and figure out the famous four cycling events.

1. Tour de France

It is one of the topmost embraced races that has attracted a lot of audiences to the show. It is the famous race in the three European Grand Tours. This is a race that takes place in France. It is 21 day-long stages of the race. The first competition of Tour de France was established in the year 1903. Consisting of more than 20 teams, Tour de France is the toughest race to finish. Those teams who take less time to finish the race are considered as the winner. Over the years, only Jacques Anquetil, Bernard Hinault, Eddy Merckx and Miguel Indurain have managed to win the Tour de France 5 times.

Tour de France

2. Vuelta a España

Even though the race is conducted in the summertime, there are many spectators for the race more than Tour de France as it is conducted in certain famous places within Spain. Also, the race consists of few fearsome climbs making the experience hair rising. Just like the race mentioned above, Vuelta a España winner is the participant who takes less time to finish the race. The first and the foremost winner of the Vuelta a España is Gustaaf Deloor.  Roberto Heras hold four consecutive winning records in the same. Vuelta a España initiated its first place in the year 1935.

3. Paris-Roubaix

This cycle racing is considered as the greatest professional men’s racing competition in the history of cycling. Considered as the oldest race and is a monument in cycle racing. One can otherwise mention this kind of racing as the classics of European racing. Paris-Roubaix is prevalent in many other terms like “Hell of the North” or the “Queen of the Classics’. Some of the famous riders of the race is none other than the famous Tom Boonen and Roger de Vlaeminck.


4. UCI Road World Championships

This form of racing takes place in the various regions every year and gathers a lot of audiences. UCI, Union Cycliste Internationale sponsors the race. Unlike the other race mentioned in the list, this race is a single-day event. The one who wins all three titles of The Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and the UCI World Road Race Championship takes the lead of Triple Crown of Cycling.  Over the years, only two of the racers have titled with this award, and they are Eddy Merckx and Stephen Roche.