Group Rides

Group Rides: Training For The Tournaments 2020-2021

Let me go ahead and start stating facts; Group training happens to be an essential part of local cycling communities, and it will definitely help you play a very important role in being a rider in one of the tournaments. You need to achieve high-speed, and you need to be skilled at it. There is a reason why people cycle in a group. It helps aerodynamically. You also need to understand that there are pros and cons for everything. In this guide, I will be talking about some information that will help you make a better decision when you are training for a cycling event which is happening in the year 2020-2021.

It will help you with skill development. The outdoor setting will definitely create some amazing social connections between cyclists. You should make sure that you practice in tight spaces, so that you do not end up hurting each other, in the real race. Intensity is also one of the most important parts. In the real world, efforts do not come in three-minute intervals. One of the most beneficial aspects of a group right is the variability of the intensity. It would help if you predicted the unpredictable pace of everyone who is riding in the group. It is hard at first, but when you get into a rhythm, it is an amazing feeling.

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A higher speed is something that is very sought after. Group riders are always faster than solo riders, and it is very beneficial from the standpoint of skills. At high speeds, your reaction time will have to improve, and your movements will be lighter and smoother as well.

High speed will also expose some deficiencies in the drafting skills. The consequences of drafting horribly at 15 mph or definitely lower than drafting poorly at 30 mph, for instance. It is definitely beneficial for your fitness and your performance. Compare to riding by yourself, you will be climbing higher speeds, and you will accelerate out of the corners with a lot of help.

A group ride can leave you wasted for two full days, and it basically means that it is very tiring and it is very hard. You will be challenged at another level, initially. You need to make sure that you have cut out a lot of time to recover from a group ride, because it will require a lot of your effort.


Group rides will also help you reduce anxiety. Cycling has been recorded to reduce your stress levels by 40%, and it will help you keep anxiety at bay. It keeps your mind on the road, and it will help you focus on things that do not give you anxiety.


Some Benefits Of Cycling That You Will Love To Know Before 2020-2021 Tournaments

In this guide, I will be talking about cycling and how it can be one of the best seasons you can make when it comes to exercising. You can actually hop on a bike for a lot of health reasons as well. You will also be hopping on it for health in the environment or to try a new activity. Let me just say cycling is a lot of fun indeed. After some time on a bicycle, you will find that the only downside to cycling is that you can be a little addictive; and not in a bad way.

It has so many health benefits, environmental benefits, economic benefits, social benefits, sports benefits, transportation benefits and personal benefits.


All of the above can help you when you are training for your cycling tournaments. You will not be riding alone. Globally, more people on bicycles than cars. Almost 42% of the entire world’s population on bicycles. If you are still on the fence about joining a bicycle academy, you will know more, because I will be listing out some of the most amazing benefits of cycling.

Health benefits never come for free. You might see some benefits for the first few times on a bike, but a lot of them will develop over time, and they will help you maintain a good and healthy body.

It helps you build a lot of muscle. Cycling is definitely a serious leg and quad workout as well. Your hamstrings and your glutes will respond to the new muscles that are building. Even though cycling at a low resistance will slowly build your muscles, you can maximise, and you can gain muscle building, much faster, by riding uphill and by riding in higher gears.

Cycling is one of the best ways to cut fat. One of the worst parts about eating what you want is that your body starts storing fat. Low intensity, aerobic and consistent exercises is certainly one of the most effective ways to lose fat from your body. Cycling for an hour a day is plenty, to begin with. You can start increasing, once you are in the flow.

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Cycling will also strengthen your legs. This is something that you will need for your tournaments. Cycling is far better than lifting weights in the basement; it will help you with similar strength exercise is by giving your strength in your lower body.

It will help you decrease a great amount of stress.

A lot of athletes point to the runners high has a beautiful and zen mental state which will come with the help of exercise. Cycling will force you to regulate your breathing, and it will help you to breathe more deeply.

Superstar Cyclists

Some Superstar Cyclists Who Are Noteworthy

If you are someone who is new to cycling, you will actually have a lot to catch up on. While cycling is a beautiful sport, anyone can participate and enjoy. It is also a spectator sport. There are so many events like Tour De France And the Olympics as well. Cycling also has a very rich history, and it has some amazing names which have emerged from some of the best bike racers of all time. In this guide, I will list out some of the most prominent racers in cycling. Cycling fans will definitely know these names.

  • Eddy Merckx: even though Lance Armstrong happens to be the most famous cyclist today, this person is widely regarded as one of the best results of all time. The Belgian racer professional won the Tour De France 5 times, and he has won several world championships. He has had 522 victories. He also set the world record for the longest distance covered in one single hour. He went 30.7 miles in 1972. It was an incredible feat at his time.


  • Lance Armstrong is next. I am sure this name is heard by a lot of individuals, and I am sure that you are guessing this one was next. Surely, you know his story. He was a very gifted when it comes to endurance, and he was an athlete from Texas. He was approved by building his career. A cancer diagnosis derailed his career, and it nearly killed him. He won 7 Tour De France titles in a row. Isn’t it an amazing feat? Before his diagnosis, he won the world championship in the year 1993 at the age of 21. He was the youngest ever to win it. After he went into remission, he went on to dominate. Armstrong has also provided both cycling and cancer research with an amazing amount of publicity boost through all his efforts. His records have still not been beaten. He is an incredible individual that a lot of people still adore.
  • Davis Phinney was an amazing American cyclist, and he became the first American to win Tour De France in the year 1986. He has also had 328 racing victories, and it is also an American record. He raced from the year 1981 to 1993. His son is also a current cyclist who happens to be a pro in the industry.

Greg LeMond made history in the year 1986, by becoming the first non-European to win the Tour De France. He also ended up winning the race three times in the years 1986, 1989 and 1990. He also won two World championships. He has accomplished so much. He may have been accomplished more, if not for hunting accident in the year 1987 which almost killed him and kept him off his bike for two of his amazingly prime years.