Cycling Race

Do This Before You First Cycling Race 2020-2021

Every single race has to start somewhere, doesn’t he/she? Make sure that you try and get rid of your nerves, before your race. These tips and tricks will certainly do that for you. Your first cycling race will inevitably be a very daunting experience, I am sure, but as long as you have been putting in the training and a custom in yourself for a group riding activity, before the race, I am sure that you will want to do it many times.

Let us get started with the tips, shall we?


  1. I highly suggest you get accustomed to group riding activities. In training, you should make sure that you get multiple group rides so that you will be used to writing among a group of highly skilled and tightly packed individuals. You will be riding at high speeds, and you should know how to keep up with them. You should train to keep up with a group of people who are also cyclists who are a part of a riding club.
  2. There is a very specific reason as to why people write in a group. It helps with aerodynamics.
  3. You should familiarise yourself with the course, beforehand. Race organisations will always share you a route of the map, much in advance and you will have to check it out. If it is going to be a hill ride, you should be prepared, because it will be rough for a bit.
  4. Always check your bike, after every single race. A day before the race, give your bicycle a thorough checking. Be absolutely certain that you do not leave anything untested. Make sure nothing is loose and make sure that the brakes are functional and also that the gears are working. The chain would require some lubrication and cleaning as well; get it done.
  5. Pack all of your gear properly. The night before your race, you should pack all of the things that you require accordingly. Make a checklist of whatever you will need. You will need a cycling top, shoes, helmet, gloves, socks and cycling pants. See if it is going to rain the next day, on the day of the race. If it is going to rain, you should pack a jacket or a waterproof cape.
  6. In some cases, you will be required to have a racing license. Make sure you have it.
  7. You will need a decent amount of water bottles, and you will need some power bars so that you can cycle without worry.

It is essential that you get enough rest, the previous day. It would be best if you also ate healthily. Always eat a decent amount of breakfast and get there early.