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Cycling Race

Do This Before You First Cycling Race 2020-2021

Every single race has to start somewhere, doesn’t he/she? Make sure that you try and get rid of your nerves, before your race. These tips and tricks will certainly do that for you. Your first cycling race will inevitably be a very daunting experience, I am sure, but as long as you have been putting in the training and a custom in yourself for a group riding activity, before the race, I am sure that you will want to do it many times.

Let us get started with the tips, shall we?


  1. I highly suggest you get accustomed to group riding activities. In training, you should make sure that you get multiple group rides so that you will be used to writing among a group of highly skilled and tightly packed individuals. You will be riding at high speeds, and you should know how to keep up with them. You should train to keep up with a group of people who are also cyclists who are a part of a riding club.
  2. There is a very specific reason as to why people write in a group. It helps with aerodynamics.
  3. You should familiarise yourself with the course, beforehand. Race organisations will always share you a route of the map, much in advance and you will have to check it out. If it is going to be a hill ride, you should be prepared, because it will be rough for a bit.
  4. Always check your bike, after every single race. A day before the race, give your bicycle a thorough checking. Be absolutely certain that you do not leave anything untested. Make sure nothing is loose and make sure that the brakes are functional and also that the gears are working. The chain would require some lubrication and cleaning as well; get it done.
  5. Pack all of your gear properly. The night before your race, you should pack all of the things that you require accordingly. Make a checklist of whatever you will need. You will need a cycling top, shoes, helmet, gloves, socks and cycling pants. See if it is going to rain the next day, on the day of the race. If it is going to rain, you should pack a jacket or a waterproof cape.
  6. In some cases, you will be required to have a racing license. Make sure you have it.
  7. You will need a decent amount of water bottles, and you will need some power bars so that you can cycle without worry.

It is essential that you get enough rest, the previous day. It would be best if you also ate healthily. Always eat a decent amount of breakfast and get there early.

Group Rides

Group Rides: Training For The Tournaments 2020-2021

Let me go ahead and start stating facts; Group training happens to be an essential part of local cycling communities, and it will definitely help you play a very important role in being a rider in one of the tournaments. You need to achieve high-speed, and you need to be skilled at it. There is a reason why people cycle in a group. It helps aerodynamically. You also need to understand that there are pros and cons for everything. In this guide, I will be talking about some information that will help you make a better decision when you are training for a cycling event which is happening in the year 2020-2021.

It will help you with skill development. The outdoor setting will definitely create some amazing social connections between cyclists. You should make sure that you practice in tight spaces, so that you do not end up hurting each other, in the real race. Intensity is also one of the most important parts. In the real world, efforts do not come in three-minute intervals. One of the most beneficial aspects of a group right is the variability of the intensity. It would help if you predicted the unpredictable pace of everyone who is riding in the group. It is hard at first, but when you get into a rhythm, it is an amazing feeling.

cycling race

A higher speed is something that is very sought after. Group riders are always faster than solo riders, and it is very beneficial from the standpoint of skills. At high speeds, your reaction time will have to improve, and your movements will be lighter and smoother as well.

High speed will also expose some deficiencies in the drafting skills. The consequences of drafting horribly at 15 mph or definitely lower than drafting poorly at 30 mph, for instance. It is definitely beneficial for your fitness and your performance. Compare to riding by yourself, you will be climbing higher speeds, and you will accelerate out of the corners with a lot of help.

A group ride can leave you wasted for two full days, and it basically means that it is very tiring and it is very hard. You will be challenged at another level, initially. You need to make sure that you have cut out a lot of time to recover from a group ride, because it will require a lot of your effort.


Group rides will also help you reduce anxiety. Cycling has been recorded to reduce your stress levels by 40%, and it will help you keep anxiety at bay. It keeps your mind on the road, and it will help you focus on things that do not give you anxiety.


Some Benefits Of Cycling That You Will Love To Know Before 2020-2021 Tournaments

In this guide, I will be talking about cycling and how it can be one of the best seasons you can make when it comes to exercising. You can actually hop on a bike for a lot of health reasons as well. You will also be hopping on it for health in the environment or to try a new activity. Let me just say cycling is a lot of fun indeed. After some time on a bicycle, you will find that the only downside to cycling is that you can be a little addictive; and not in a bad way.

It has so many health benefits, environmental benefits, economic benefits, social benefits, sports benefits, transportation benefits and personal benefits.


All of the above can help you when you are training for your cycling tournaments. You will not be riding alone. Globally, more people on bicycles than cars. Almost 42% of the entire world’s population on bicycles. If you are still on the fence about joining a bicycle academy, you will know more, because I will be listing out some of the most amazing benefits of cycling.

Health benefits never come for free. You might see some benefits for the first few times on a bike, but a lot of them will develop over time, and they will help you maintain a good and healthy body.

It helps you build a lot of muscle. Cycling is definitely a serious leg and quad workout as well. Your hamstrings and your glutes will respond to the new muscles that are building. Even though cycling at a low resistance will slowly build your muscles, you can maximise, and you can gain muscle building, much faster, by riding uphill and by riding in higher gears.

Cycling is one of the best ways to cut fat. One of the worst parts about eating what you want is that your body starts storing fat. Low intensity, aerobic and consistent exercises is certainly one of the most effective ways to lose fat from your body. Cycling for an hour a day is plenty, to begin with. You can start increasing, once you are in the flow.

cycling Tournaments

Cycling will also strengthen your legs. This is something that you will need for your tournaments. Cycling is far better than lifting weights in the basement; it will help you with similar strength exercise is by giving your strength in your lower body.

It will help you decrease a great amount of stress.

A lot of athletes point to the runners high has a beautiful and zen mental state which will come with the help of exercise. Cycling will force you to regulate your breathing, and it will help you to breathe more deeply.

Superstar Cyclists

Some Superstar Cyclists Who Are Noteworthy

If you are someone who is new to cycling, you will actually have a lot to catch up on. While cycling is a beautiful sport, anyone can participate and enjoy. It is also a spectator sport. There are so many events like Tour De France And the Olympics as well. Cycling also has a very rich history, and it has some amazing names which have emerged from some of the best bike racers of all time. In this guide, I will list out some of the most prominent racers in cycling. Cycling fans will definitely know these names.

  • Eddy Merckx: even though Lance Armstrong happens to be the most famous cyclist today, this person is widely regarded as one of the best results of all time. The Belgian racer professional won the Tour De France 5 times, and he has won several world championships. He has had 522 victories. He also set the world record for the longest distance covered in one single hour. He went 30.7 miles in 1972. It was an incredible feat at his time.


  • Lance Armstrong is next. I am sure this name is heard by a lot of individuals, and I am sure that you are guessing this one was next. Surely, you know his story. He was a very gifted when it comes to endurance, and he was an athlete from Texas. He was approved by building his career. A cancer diagnosis derailed his career, and it nearly killed him. He won 7 Tour De France titles in a row. Isn’t it an amazing feat? Before his diagnosis, he won the world championship in the year 1993 at the age of 21. He was the youngest ever to win it. After he went into remission, he went on to dominate. Armstrong has also provided both cycling and cancer research with an amazing amount of publicity boost through all his efforts. His records have still not been beaten. He is an incredible individual that a lot of people still adore.
  • Davis Phinney was an amazing American cyclist, and he became the first American to win Tour De France in the year 1986. He has also had 328 racing victories, and it is also an American record. He raced from the year 1981 to 1993. His son is also a current cyclist who happens to be a pro in the industry.

Greg LeMond made history in the year 1986, by becoming the first non-European to win the Tour De France. He also ended up winning the race three times in the years 1986, 1989 and 1990. He also won two World championships. He has accomplished so much. He may have been accomplished more, if not for hunting accident in the year 1987 which almost killed him and kept him off his bike for two of his amazingly prime years.

Cycling Race

Some Tips To Become A Cycling Superstar

A lot of pro cyclists have amazing handling skills when it comes to their bicycles. They are very smooth around corners, and they are incredibly stable even in a descent. They are also aware of all kinds of fruit conditions and traffic. They are not sloppy, and they have complete control. They do not get this way overnight. There is always a work in progress, even for them. A cycling superstar would ride predictably, and they would follow all the rules and regulations of the road. You should make sure that you are practising every single day. You should practise even more, if you have a cycling tournament coming up. Cycling tournaments are incredibly fun, because you will be doing it with hundreds of people. It is fun because a lot of people will be involved. In this guide, I will be giving you some tips to becoming an amazing cyclist.

Amazing cyclist

A good bike handler will always plan to ride in a baseline where riders always follow within a few inches of each other to advantage of the aerodynamics which is at play. The lead rider always battles the air resistance and he creates a draft which saves the other riders almost 30% of their energy. This kind of bike riding always takes a lot of skill. I am sure you have seen it on television. If you are someone who wants to improve your bike handling skills, you should ride with other skilled riders, and you should take safety courses, because safety is always a priority. I suggest you join a well-established local cycling club and you can ask all of your questions about improving your skills to a skilled cyclist.

I highly suggest you do not go at it alone. Training alone can eventually lead to a plateau. If you want to improve your performance, you should join a cycling club or a bike racing team who will help you align all of your skills and a team that will help you meet all of your goals. Being a part of a team is certainly essential for racing when you are doing it at a competitive level. Team strategies and tactics are certainly an integral part of every single cycle race.

skilled cyclist

Your body certainly requires a lot of rest. Never forget to value your rest days. Rest recovery is pivotal when it comes to achieving your peak performance in a lot of sports. You should stretch, sleep and massage regularly. It is what pros do, because they know what they’re doing and they know what their body needs.

Overtraining at high intensity can work initially, but will affect you in the long run, and it is not exactly the way to becoming a cyclist superstar.


Training Tips For Being A Cyclist Superstar

Whether you are someone who is aspiring to race in tour de France or you are someone who is just enjoying cycling as a wonderful form of exercise, these tips will definitely help you when it comes to training, and I have also provided some strategies which will help you become a much better cyclist. You will be better, faster and a much more efficient cyclist so that you can call yourself a superstar, no matter what distance or no matter what speed you ride.

Make sure that you train for cardiovascular endurance is. Long-distance bicycle racing certainly requires cardiovascular endurance. It simply translates to, your heart needs to be able to handle it, physically speaking. It refers to the riders ability to generate enough energy to work all of his muscles, with the help of his heart. His heart should be able to endure all of that exercise, intense exercise. There are so many different ways to train, so that you can increase your endurance. Some of the most effective methods include long slow distance training, tempo training, interval training, circuit training and base training.


Make sure that you build power for sprinting. Although some elite-level cyclists tend to specialise in just one area of riding, a well-rounded cyclist or a well-rounded superstar should be able to ride long and hard till the end of the race. He should be good at explosive exercise training routines, so that he is equipped with whatever he needs to complete the circuit.

When you are training for a cycle race, it is essential that you eat the right amount of food and also at the right time. It is essential that you eat and drink performance-enhancing foods. I am not talking about steroids, but natural foods that help you enhance your performance. It can certainly be a complicated process, one that you should take up. You should take the right amount of nutrition, and you should coach yourself with a perfect balance of calories and nutrients.

Water is certainly your best friend, when you are training for a cycle race. No matter what kind of cyclist you are, riding a bike certainly fits you well, and it is essential for efficiency and comfort.

A good bike fit can certainly improve your efficiency and your aerodynamics. It would help if you chose the right helmet and the right bike.

Never forget to stretch, before your big race. Actually, I am going to go ahead and suggest that you stretch every single day, leading up to the big day.

If you want to be a cyclist superstar, I recommend that you stretch properly. A lot of cyclists tend to develop some tightness, and this should be stretched.

Women Cyclist

4 Best Women Cyclist to Consider in 2021-22 Races

Tour de France is the world-famous cycle racing specially and strictly dedicated to men. Cycling is also a sport that has given birth to some of the best women cyclists in history. Even though the race is quite slimmer and feasible that compared to men, the racing platform on and off-track is tough to achieve. 2020 have seen some significant changes in many fields and is no different in cycling history. In the following post, we will spotlight a few of the many female roles that are sure to blow your mind off with cycling races and winnings. With this in mind, let us see who are these famous personalities, shall we?

1. Annemiek van Vleuten

The first woman image is none other than Annemiek van Vleuten. She is a widely popular icon to hold the 2019 world champion for women. Her history consists of winning in various events like Strade Bianchi, Clasica Femenina Navarra, and Durango-Durango Emakumeen Saria. There have been rumours and news releases by Dutch news mentioning her joining a different team for 2021-2022. People believe it is for the Moviestar.

Annemiek van Vleuten

2. Anna Van der Breggen

The second one to top the list is the icon that is presently holding the third position in the UCI women’s ranking. In the year 2019, Van der Breggen holds a record in finishing the World Championships reaching the second position with a fabulous win. Also, she has a world record in becoming the second in 2019 Giro Rosa. Apart from all these, her history also shows us that she has achieved a great win at the various events like Tour of California and sitting in the fifth position at La Flèche Wallonne Féminine. Recently various news reports mentioned the retirement of Van der Breggen after 2021 Olympics.

3. Mavi Garcia

The third notable personality is none other than the popular Mavi Garcia. She is a 36-year-old racer who managed to finish the race competition with van Vlueten and acquired the second position in the race conducted at Strade Bianche. She is a notable racer while comparing with the other two racers mentioned above. Mavi Garcia is a noteworthy personality in the cycling platform and holds a special place in the history of Tour de Yorkshire stage race acquiring the second position.

Mavi Garcia

4. Marianne Vos

Notable for her presence felt and acquiring the World Champion and Olympic gold, the cyclist is one of the noteworthy personalities in the history of cycling. She is known to compete and win at the Giro Rosa as well as becoming the winner at the 2019 edition of La Course. Apart from all these winning and rewards, she is also known for finishing the Strade Bianchi.


Over the years, women and their cycling craze were not encouraged properly making the heat burn up. When the society and the championship event came to consider how women can run the cycling event, they started including women in sports. We can be pretty sure that the upcoming events in cycling will be a revolution marking these women giving their best.


Top 4 Cycling Racing Events One Must Know

From the time wheels were invented, ever since then humans got too creative and ended up having championship based on wheels. From two-wheelers racing to four-wheelers race, the world has embraced any form of racing. This post spotlights top cycling events in the world. French engineer Pierre Michaux made the first cycle. Before we head to the post, you must know that more than a sport or a race, cycling is a great way to remain fit and healthy. It is both exercise and activity. Let us head to the post and figure out the famous four cycling events.

1. Tour de France

It is one of the topmost embraced races that has attracted a lot of audiences to the show. It is the famous race in the three European Grand Tours. This is a race that takes place in France. It is 21 day-long stages of the race. The first competition of Tour de France was established in the year 1903. Consisting of more than 20 teams, Tour de France is the toughest race to finish. Those teams who take less time to finish the race are considered as the winner. Over the years, only Jacques Anquetil, Bernard Hinault, Eddy Merckx and Miguel Indurain have managed to win the Tour de France 5 times.

Tour de France

2. Vuelta a España

Even though the race is conducted in the summertime, there are many spectators for the race more than Tour de France as it is conducted in certain famous places within Spain. Also, the race consists of few fearsome climbs making the experience hair rising. Just like the race mentioned above, Vuelta a España winner is the participant who takes less time to finish the race. The first and the foremost winner of the Vuelta a España is Gustaaf Deloor.  Roberto Heras hold four consecutive winning records in the same. Vuelta a España initiated its first place in the year 1935.

3. Paris-Roubaix

This cycle racing is considered as the greatest professional men’s racing competition in the history of cycling. Considered as the oldest race and is a monument in cycle racing. One can otherwise mention this kind of racing as the classics of European racing. Paris-Roubaix is prevalent in many other terms like “Hell of the North” or the “Queen of the Classics’. Some of the famous riders of the race is none other than the famous Tom Boonen and Roger de Vlaeminck.


4. UCI Road World Championships

This form of racing takes place in the various regions every year and gathers a lot of audiences. UCI, Union Cycliste Internationale sponsors the race. Unlike the other race mentioned in the list, this race is a single-day event. The one who wins all three titles of The Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and the UCI World Road Race Championship takes the lead of Triple Crown of Cycling.  Over the years, only two of the racers have titled with this award, and they are Eddy Merckx and Stephen Roche.

Cyclist Images

Top 4 Cyclist Images You Don’t Know

We have reached from three-wheelers to two-wheelers making us a pro while cycling. Cycling is more than a sport. It is an activity that aids in enhancing the functionality of heart, lungs, and lastly increasing blood circulations. Doing such a great activity makes you fit and remain healthy. It also helps us o stay away from many diseases, especially dealing with cardiovascular diseases. It is known as an activity, which transformed into one of the top sports embraced by the people of all age alike. In the following post, we will see some of the legends in cycle racing competitions the world has ever seen. Without much further ado, let us hit the article, shall we?


The first and the foremost one hold a special place in the history of cycling dating back to 1938-1960. FAUSTO COPPI is known as the greatest icon of cycling, which has a second position in world champion, and five-time Giro d’Italia winner. He is otherwise known as “Campionissimo,” meaning champions of champions. Apart from holding the awards mentioned above, his cupboard is also filled with two-time Tour de France awards.



What do we call two tough competitors? GINO BARTALI and FAUSTO COPPI were two of the rivalry people of that age. GINO BARTALI is a cyclist who has won many awards and titles in the same category as personality above.  He has also won our de France twice, in 1938 and 1948 and Giro three times. Apart from these winnings, off the bike is the category he was famous. This only emerged in the year 2010.


The third one is none other than the legend who is otherwise known as “Monsieur Chrono”. He holds a special place in the history of Tour de France as he was the first one to win at the competition. He also has four consecutive wins from 1961-1964 in the same category. ANQUETIL is the one f the leading six riders who hold a win at three Grand Tours.


The fourth one on the list is a proud woman who dominated the cycling sport for many years. She has won many championships and 96 British national titles. She also has a history of refusing the offer to cycle in 1960. She is a known personality both on-road and off track.


Like mentioned before, cycling is known to cure many diseases, especially related to the heart. If you are a cyclist who happens to read the post to know more about the legends in the cycling space, you are welcome. If you are a beginner, may this be the starting point of every good thing to come in your cyclist life.

Young Cyclists

Top 5 Young Cyclists Changing the UCI World Tour

It is not news that cycling can help you to get rid of many health-related issues. People who seem to exercise a lot have low chances of getting any issues compared to those who don’t even move his pinkie finger. Cycling is known as a sport, an activity, and a race competition which helps you to keep your body and mind fit and young. There are also studies that mention ‘cycling can reduce fast ageing making you look younger.’ Cycling has emerged as a competition where the participants compete with each other to finish the track in less time. UCI World Tour is one such competition where competitors participate and compete with each other. In this post, we will be discussing more about the young representatives or participates of 2020 UCI World Tour. Without much further ado, let us hit the post, shall we?


Portuguese born Almeida is 21-year-old young participant racing for Deceuninck – Quick-Step. He is a young icon who holds the most promising under-23 talents. He has bagged many rewards and titles, and few of them are under-23 Liege-Bastogne-Liege in 2018, reaching second place in under-23 Giro d’Italia, reaching seventh in the famous Tour de l’Avenir. Even though he is known to perform in the young races, he has tried for senior races too.



The second famous youth icon is none other than the 20-year-old native to Colombia. He is racing for one of the outstanding team ever in history, named the UAE Team Emirates. Colombia has given birth to a few of the best cyclist as well as many other sports icons in the world. He has won much success in the recent years, and one of them comprise of Giro d’Italia.


The third one of none other than the Italian, 20 years old, Andrea Bagioli. He would be working for Deceuninck – Quick-Step in the coming year. He has bagged much recognition, and few of them comprise of Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Ronde de l’Isard in France.



Aged 21, Stefan Bissegger belongs to Swiss. The team he is racing for is none other than the EF Education First Pro Cycling. He holds a record for participating in the 018 UCI Track Cycling World Championships. Apart from that, he has also won Tour du Jura Cicliste and Tour de l’Ain, Tour de l’Avenir.


Danish-born 21-year-old Mikkel Bjerg currently belongs to the UAE Team Emirates. He holds a record for participating and finishing successfully in the UCI Road World Championships for the consecutive three years, 2017, 2018 and 2019.



The world has seen many exciting and amazing things, and the above mentioned five icons are just a few of them. With these young minds, the world of cycling is yet to see some essential and extraordinary competition in the upcoming years.

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